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International Economic Organizations MCQ’s 05 Test Online Preparation

A healthy open trading system is crucial for the progress of the international economy. Students can prepare for their International Economic Organizations MCQ’s Test from NTS Test Preparation.


  1. Each question is of 2 marks, each test contains 10- 15 questions.
  2. Choose the right answer.
  3. To check, click on the ‘see answer’ button.
  4. Click on Submit button for result.
  5. Attempt other questions for preparation.

    Online MCQs Preparation of International Economic Organizations 05

    1. When was the international Fund for Agricultural Development set up?
    a) 1977
    b) 1973
    c) 1971
    d) 1975

    2. When was the United Nations Fund for Population Activities set up?
    a) 1971
    b) 1967
    c) 1969
    d) 1973

    3. The international Find for Agricultural Development has its headquarters in:
    a) New York
    b) Geneva
    c) London
    d) Rome

    4. Where are the headquarters of the United Nations Fund for Population Activities located?
    a) Paris
    b) Geneva
    c) New York
    d) London

    5. The aim of the ASEAN is to accelerate economic and social progress and maintain stability in the region. When was it formed?
    a) 1968
    b) 1965
    c) 1967
    d) 1966

    6. When was the World Health Organisation (WHO) set up?
    a) 1947
    b) 1948
    c) 1946
    d) 1945

    7. How many countries are members of the ASEAN?
    a) Six
    b) Eight
    c) Seven
    d) Five

    8. The international Fund for agricultural development is a one billion dollar fund used for raising food production in developing countries and providing employment to poor and landless farmers. What propotion of this fund has been contributed by industrialized nations?
    a) 70%
    b) 60%
    c) 50%
    d) 40%

    9. The headquarters of the World Health Organisation are located at:
    a) Paris
    b) London
    c) Geneva
    d) New York

    10. Where is the central secretarial of the Association of South- East Asian Nations (ASEAN) located?
    a) Bangkok
    b) Manila
    c) Kuala lumpur
    d) Jakarta

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