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International Economic Organizations MCQ’s 04 Test Online Preparation

Students can prepare for their International Economic Organizations MCQ’s Test from NTS Test Preparation.


  1. Each question is of 2 marks, each test contains 10- 15 questions.
  2. Choose the right answer.
  3. To check, click on the ‘see answer’ button.
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  5. Attempt other questions for preparation.


Online MCQs Preparation of International Economic Organizations 04

1. Where are the headquarters of the general agreement on Tarffis and trade (GATT) organization?
a) Ottawa
b) Washington, DC
c) Geneva
d) London

2. How many lending nations formed the ‘Aid India Club’ to help India out of her exchange difficulties?
a) 14
b) 12
c) 10
d) 8

3. Which financial institution is known as the ‘soft loan window’ from which under developed countries can borrow in hard currencies?
a) IFC
c) IDA
d) IMF

4. The main function of the IFC is to:
a) Encourage the growth of productive private enterprises in less developed member countries.
b) Make special efforts to promote international trade
c) Promote foreign investment
d) Assist those countries with an annual per capital gross national product of less than $520.

5. When was the Uruguay Round of multilateral trade negotiations under the GATT launched?
a) January 1986
b) June 1986
c) December 1986
d) September 1986

6. The main functions of the IDA is to:
a) Stabilize exchange rates
b) Achieve international cooperation in the field of economics
c) Make loans to less developed countries on flexible terms
d) Promote foreign private investment by guarantees

7. There have been a series of rounds of negotiations between the signatories of GATT designed to reduce trade barriers on a multilateral basis. The first round took place in 1947. Which round came to be known as Kennedy Round?
a) Third
b) Sixth
c) Fourth
d) Fifth

8. An international conference was held in Geneva in 1947 to consider matter relating to common trade and tariff policy which led to the establishment of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) in the following year. How many countries attended this conference?
a) 21
b) 19
c) 23
d) 25

9. Which of the following does not matcg?
a) International Fund for Agricultural Development Geneva
b) Food and Agricultural Organisation- Rome
c) International Monetary Fund- Washington, DC
d) United Nations Fund for Population Activities- new York

10. Including the Uruguay Round, how many multilateral trade negotiations have been held in the GAT so far?
a) Nine
b) Eight
c) Seven
d) Six

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