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International Economic Organizations MCQ’s 03 Test Online Preparation

The World Bank and IMF deal with their member countries one at a time. Students can prepare for their International Economic Organizations MCQ’s Test from NTS Test Preparation.


  1. Each question is of 2 marks, each test contains 10- 15 questions.
  2. Choose the right answer.
  3. To check, click on the ‘see answer’ button.
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  5. Attempt other questions for preparation.


Online MCQs Preparation of International Economic Organizations 03

1. The highest percentage of the world bank’s total loans have been made for the development of:
a) Energy
b) Transport
c) Agriculture
d) Industry

2. At what rate of interest does the world bank provide loan to undeveloped countries?
a) 4.50%
b) 7.50%
c) 6.50%
d) 5.50%

3. The IDA gives development credits to the developing countries for a period of at least:
a) 15 years
b) 10 years
c) 20 years
d) 25 years

4. An affiliate of the world bank, the international development association (IDA) was set up in:
a) 1956
b) 1950
c) 1962
d) 1960

5. The world bank normally gives:
a) Medium- term loans
b) Short0 term loans
c) Medium and long- term loan
d) Long term loans

6. Where are the headquarters of the IDA?
a) New York
b) Geneva
c) London
d) Washington, DC

7. In which of the following ways does the world bank give loans to members?
a) By granting loans out of funds raised in the market
b) By guaranteeing loans made by private investors through investment channels
c) By granting or participating in direct loans out of its own funds
d) All of the above

8. The main function of the world bank is to:
a) Encourage capital investment for the reconstruction and development of its member countries
b) Reduce trade barriers and establish rules of free trade
c) Grant long term loans a little or no interest for projects in developing countries
d) Facilitate poor countries to trade at concessional rates

9. How many governments have contributed to the capital of the world bank?
a) 144
b) 158
c) 150
d) 154

10. The international bank for reconstruction and development (IBRD) known as world bank, began its operations in:
a) 1944
b) 1947
c) 1946
d) 1945

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