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Idioms and Phrases MCQ’s Online Preparation Test 4

A phrase is any group of words, often carrying a special idiomatic meaning. Prepare for your Idioms and Phrases MCQ’s Test from NTS Test Preparation.



  1. Each question is of 2 marks, each test contains 10- 15 questions.
  2. Choose the right answer.
  3. To check, click on the ‘see answer’ button.
  4. Click on Submit button for result.
  5. Attempt other questions for preparation.


Online MCQs Preparation 4 Idioms and Phrases

1. At logger heads
a) In difficulty
b) Very happy together
c) To be at strife
d) None

2. To drive home
a) To emphasize
b) To return to place of rest
c) Back to original position
d) To find one’s root

3. At in all
a) Every person
b) Particular thing same in all
c) Most important
d) Call all at once

e) Every person
4. To cry wolf
a) To turn pale
b) To listen eagerly
c) To give false alarm
d) To keep off starvation

5. To make clean breast of
a) To praise oneself
b) To gain promotion
c) To destroy before it blooms
d) To confess without of reserve

6. A load of cobblers
a) Very famous
b) Rubbish
c) Good news
d) None

7. To pick holes
a) To find some reason to quarrel
b) To destroy something
c) To criticize someone
d) To cut some part of an item

8. At large
a) Very famous
b) Very far
c) Abscond
d) Not famous

9. Above board
a) A man with arrogance
b) A dishonest person
c) Boasting person
d) Honest and straightforward

10. To end in smoke
a) To excite great applause
b) To ruin oneself
c) To overcome someone
d) To make completely understand

11. To beg the question
a) To refer to
b) To take for granted
c) To raise objections
d) To be discussed

12. At sea
a) Very excited
b) Very happy
c) Baffled
d) Very sad

13. To leave someone in the lurch
a) To put someone at ease
b) To desert someone at his difficulties
c) Constant source of annoyance to someone
d) To come to compromise with someone

14. At sixes and sevens
a) In disorder
b) Very sad
c) Very happy
d) In perfect order

15. A man of straw
a) A very active person
b) A man of no substance
c) An unreasonable person
d) A worthy fellow

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